Eastern Lights, July 27, 2012



Hello to all.  We've certainly had some refreshing rain, but it's gone now and the temperature is soaring again.  We will certainly enjoy the cooler weather when it arrives, though.  

I heard the weatherman say a few days ago that, according to the computer models, it will be very warm all the way to Halloween.  Looks like we might have something to look forward to.

Pleasant Ridge Baptist sure had some good music last week, with Don Wilson leading, and some good preaching from evangelist Randy Hamilton.

 The community sends sympathy to the family of Thomas Mize. who was buried at Pleasant Ridge cemetery on Friday.  He is survived by four sisters, Mary Etta Hill, Etna Wood, Toy Gailor and Jean Kent.  Several from here attended the Mize funeral at Ripley Funeral Home on Friday morning.  

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