For the Record, Call Log, July 13, 2012

July 2

BMH: Recording said officers needed at lab.

Lincoln St.: Caller advised she needs officer at Lincoln Street and the phone hung up, tried calling her back and got no answer, officer is in route.

Megginson Ln.: Caller advised someone has run over her mailbox and needs a report.

CR 115: Caller advised having problems with ex-wife and her boyfriend.  Wanted to see officer.

CR 174: Caller advised subjects playing loud music.

HWY 178 W.: Caller advised she thinks someone is outside her house.  Wants officer to check around her house.

HWY 30 W.: A lady requested an officer to help her with her vehicle.

McArthur Ln.: Caller said he heard gun shots in subdivision behind McArthur Lane.

CR 75: In pursuit of SUV.


July 3

W. Bankhead St.: Caller advised two doors had been left unlocked, needs to speak with an officer.

HWY 78 W.: Caller advised car all over the road going at a high rate of speed.

N. Sherman Dr.: Caller advised she hears noises coming from around her house.  Wants officer to check it out.

Graham Ave.: Caller advised teenage subjects ran through her yard and they are in a neighbor’s swimming pool.

HWY 78/Blue Springs Exit: Traffic Stop.

CR 86: Black male trying to flag people down.

Oak St.: Caller advised young black male walking up and down Oak Street popping fire crackers.

W. Bankhead St.: Burglary alarm.

CR 47: Caller advised subjects flagged him down and tried to hit him with a baseball bat.

Glendale Rd.: Caller needs to report something was taken out of the back of his pickup while in the garage.

Church St.: Caller advised her sister is at her house trying to take her kids from her.

HWY 15 N: Black male pulling on door at Manning and they are closed.

CR 478: Caller advised subjects next door are having a party, needs to speak with an officer. 

HWY 30 W.: Caller advised she pulled in her driveway and two subjects ran from her house.

HWY 30 E.: Caller advised that at the last white house as you get out of city limits, there were three subjects hiding behind trees when he passed by.

HWY 78: Caller advised 18-wheeler had his backup lights on, got off at the Pilot exit.

Fairground Spur Rd.: Reference to bicycle that was stolen about two weeks ago.

Kings Rd.: Caller advised subjects playing loud music.

S. Central Ave.: Shooting fireworks in the empty lot.


July 4

Jackson St.: Caller advised subject causing a disturbance in a white car.

W. St. HWY 178: Fireworks stand had some items stolen last night, needs report.

HWY 30 E.: General Alarm.

HWY 178 W.: Lady from Sunshine Inn left and is walking down the middle of the highway, refuses to go back.

Murrah Rd.: Report of drunk subject in Blue Chevy sitting in the middle of the road.

HWY 178 W.: Lady left Sunshine Inn and is walking in the road.

CR 478: Caller advised she was trying to pick up her niece and subject had put his hands on her.

Ashley Ln.: Caller advised she thinks someone is outside her house.

CR 201: Caller advised her brother was causing a disturbance and fighting with her mother.

Elm Dr.: People shooting fireworks.

Kings Creek: Caller advised someone stole her meds.


July 5

Church St.: Fireworks being shot on Church Street.

E. Bankhead St.: People shooting fireworks in area.

CR 73: Caller advised subjects shooting fireworks and being loud.

Munsford Dr.: Blue truck pulling a trailer hit an 18-wheeler and kept going.

CR 115: Black vehicle driving up and down road near fire department, acting suspicious.

CR 87: Report of a maroon sports car up on its side.

CR 164: Caller needs report on damage done to his mailbox.

Pooleville Quick Stop: Got a stolen check.

CR 54: Three year old child on porch screaming, not sure if anyone else is home.  

CR 341: Caller advised dog outside keeping him and neighbors inside.

CR 89: Caller advised her daughter had hit her.

CR 188: Someone knocking on door at 9 p.m. every night.

Wal-Mart: Suspicious vehicle.

HWY 348: Caller advised someone let the air out of his tires.


July 6

HWY 30 W.: Expedition all over the road. It’s either maroon or black. Caller has been behind it since West Union.

HWY 30 W.: Lady advised of a two-car collision.  No injuries and the road is not blocked.  

HWY 15 S.: Blue Ford Ranger all over the road near Cotton Plant.

E. Bankhead St.: Two-car collision at auto sales by Roberts Paving.

CR 353: Lady wanted an officer to come out.  She advised that there is a green pickup parked in her driveway and has been there for about 20 minutes.

Allred Dr.: Caller advised their 16 year old son is out of control.

Oxford Rd.: ASI Alarm Company called in an alarm from this address.

HWY 30 E.: Alarm.

HWY 348: Caller advised there’s a horse in the road.

HWY 78 E.: Caller advised he is in an 18-wheeler and a car hit his trailer.  Needs to speak with officer.

Tip Top HL: Caller advised the back door on their house is open.  Needs to see an officer.

CR 194: Caller advised someone has been in her house.  Wanted to see an officer.  

CR 107: Caller advised a subject shining a flashlight on cars that are going down Highway 78.

CR 253: Caller advised two dogs tried to attack his son.  Wants and officer to try and find out who owns the dogs and where they can put up the dogs.



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