New Albany Bulldogs, Lady Hawks pick up county cross country titles

Union County squared off in the annual UC Championship in cross country this past Saturday at the New Albany Sportsplex. Hosted this year by East Union, participants from each school faced off for bragging rights in the county.

Last year, East Union’s boys and Myrtle’s girls took home top honors, and the Lady Hawks defended their title with an overall score of 18, followed by East Union with a 48.

“We had some great times, and our kids ran well today despite a muddy field. It’s cold, but I think every school showed county pride. It was a great race,” Myrtle coach Chris Greer said.

Amiee Walker, Halle Knowles and Samantha Shettles rounded out the top three for the Lady Hawks, with Walker taking first at 16:36. Myrtle had five of the top 10, as Rachel Peeler finished fifth and Marley Hall seventh.

East Union took second, as Katie Rowan finished fourth, Allie Epting sixth and Hannah Courtney eighth.

“Katie Rowan and Ally Epting ran their best times so far and beat some tough competition that’s defeated them before, so I’m pleased with them,” East Union coach Nathan McClellen said.

West Union had two finishers to round out the top 10 in Lizzi Higgins at ninth and Allie Newby finishing 10th.

New Albany finished in third for the girls and West Union fourth for the varsity competition.

On the boys side, New Albany took top honors with 42 points, followed closely by Myrtle with 45.

Bryan Cook finished first with a time of 17:57 for the Hawks, followed by Reed Kitchens at 17:59. Jimbo Waldrop and Daniel Drummond finished top 10 for the ‘Dawgs, while Heriah Dodson, Will Gregory and Justin Pickens finished top 10 for the Hawks.

“Brian Cook finally held the lead and did a great job. He’s the hardest worker I’ve ever had, and my other boys stepped up along with my girls. I’m very proud of all of them,” Greer said.

West Union’s Devin Brock came in third and Reid Williams sixth, while East Union’s Jose Valle was fifth.

The Eagles and Urchins finished third and fourth to round out the varsity boys competition.

Results are listed below.

Varsity Girls Top 15

1 Aimee Walker   16:36.00    

2 Halle Knowles  17:12.00    

3 Samantha Shettles 17:26.00    

4 Katie  Rowan        17:34.00    

5 Rachel Peeler       17:48.00    

6 Allie Epting         17:54.00    

7 Marley Hall         18:34.00    

8 Hannah Courtney 18:40.00    

9 Lizzi Higgins       18:46.00    

10 Allie Newby      18:52.00   

11 Callie Creekmore  18:56.00   

12 Amy Fooshee       18:59.00   

13 Katie Luna          19:13.00   

14 Sunnie Knighton 19:15.00   

15 Haven Boyd        19:19.00   


Varsity Boys Top 15

1 Bryan Cook     17:57.00    

2 Reed Kitchens 17:59.00    

3 Devin Brock    18:07.00    

4 Jimbo Waldrop 18:34.00    

5 Jose Valle         18:42.00    

6 Reid Williams  18:43.00    

7 Heriah Dodson 18:56.00    

8 Will Gregory    18:57.24    

9 Justin Pickens   18:57.47    

10 Daniel Drummond 19:12.00   

11 Cody Dillard      19:28.00   

12 Maxx Williams  19:36.00   

13 Tim Stevens      19:41.00   

14 John  Wilson     19:45.00   

15 Drew Bruce      19:50.00   

Junior Varsity Girls

1 Haley Snyder     20:14.00    

2 Ashley Leach     20:16.00    

 3 Beth  Skelley  20:22.00    

 4 Leeda  Prater  21:29.00  

 5 Carmen Skelley 21:37.00    

 6 Haley Matkins   21:51.00   

 7 Angela Thomas 21:53.00   

 8 Mary Scott Waldrop  22:00.00   

 9 Kylie Ellis    22:07.00    

10 Carley Forester 22:13.00   

Junior Varsity Boys

1 Kyle Hampton   16:55.00    

2 Jonathan Sweatt 17:25.00    

3 Zack Perkins      17:35.00   

4 Bonner Powell   17:46.00    

5 Casey  Rorie      17:47.26    

6 Devon Fears      17:47.54    

7 Christian McClellan  18:49.00    

8 Sam Cobb    18:56.00    

9 Cameron Contini   19:00.00   

10 Zane Wilkenson   19:05.00  

Varsity Girls Team Results

1 Myrtle Attendance Center      18     

2 East Union Attendance Cen   48     

3 New Albany High School      82    

4 West Union Attendance Cen  88     

Varsity Boys Team Results

1 New Albany High School       42     

2 Myrtle Attendance Center       45     

3 West Union Attendance Cen   63     

4 East Union Attendance Cen    66 

Junior Varsity Girls Team Results

1 East Union Attendance Cen   20     

Junior Varsity Boys Team Results

1 Ingomar Attendance Center   30 ; 2 East Union Attendance Cen   36 

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