Appoint top school jobs

The Mississippi House has again blocked an effort to allow voters in school districts with elected superintendents to vote on whether they want to continue that system. The House defeated 66 to 53 a plan that would have allowed voters to decide whether to have an appointed superintendent hired by the school board. Currently, most […]

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Wayne Mitchell

A fine triple something

It’s that time again. No, I’m not thinking of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day hasn’t been a big thing at our house since the time I sent flowers to Jenny’s school in Oxford and the vase tipped over on the way home, soaking the carpet in her car. After I used a half roll of paper […]

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Gambling on industry

New Albany and Union County have a decision to make about how competitive we want to be in trying to lure new manufacturers. At the moment, the community has about run out of quality ready-to-use space to accommodate the needs of new industries. Phil Nanney, executive director of the Union County Development Association, told the […]

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

By Dr. Linda Mitchell This morning when my big husky dog stepped out into the snow for the first time in his life, he looked at me and howled…before running back into the house. I laughed as I gathered snow while he watched from the doorway. When he did venture back outside it was almost […]

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Increase teacher pay

Mississippi teachers, who are among the lowest paid in the country, would get a $4,250 pay raise spread out over four years under a bill approved by the state House of Representatives Wednesday. The bill still must be considered by the Senate before it would become law, but prospects are considered pretty good. Mississippi teachers […]

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Myrtle student dies from cardiac arrest

Jaylon Glover is described by his teachers as a ‘great kid’. The 12-year-old died on Wednesday at Le Bonheur Medical Center in Memphis, Tenn. after going into cardiac arrest and suffering a stroke while playing basketball on Monday afternoon. Glover had been playing inside the gymnasium at Myrtle Methodist Church when he fainted, Myrtle Attendance […]

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Corinth contractor wins bid to build Urchin field house

A Corinth-based contractor won the bid to construct a field house for the East Union Urchins football team. C.I.G. Contractors, Inc. placed a base bid of $619,900 to construct the field house. The company’s bid was the lowest among five opened in early January. Under state law, the county school district was required to accept […]

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Union County tornadoes

Mississippi Severe Weather Preparedness Week

Mississippi Severe Weather Preparedness Week is Feb. 3-7, marking the beginning of what is historically a weather-active season. Union County, like the rest of Mississippi, is no stranger to damaging winds, flooding, hail and tornadoes. The state ranks near the top in number of tornadoes, long-track and violent tornadoes and tornado-related fatalities. Part of the […]

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food column

Valentine’s Day chocolate

  By Dr. Linda Mitchell When you hear the word “valentine,” what is the first word that comes to your mind? Is it heart? Red? Cupid? Love? Card? Candy? Flowers? Oh-no? If you’re like the majority of folks then the first word you think of is “heart.” Polls reveal the second word that folks claim […]

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Tickets on sale for home and garden show luncheon

Tickets are now on sale for the 2014 Home and Garden Show Lunch and Learn event. This is the only part of the sixth annual two-day show with an admission charge. The show will be April 4 and 5 at the fairgrounds and Lunch and Learn will be at noon Friday, April 4. Tickets are […]

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