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Appreciation for one of county’s best-kept industrial secrets

Talk about staying under the radar. Union County has a variety of industries, which most people are generally familiar with. But there is one that, arguably, almost no one knew about the first year it was here. Even today, many local residents may know essentially nothing about it. The company seeks no publicity, only occasionally […]

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Show unconditional love by supporting Agape Clinic

It is estimated that more than 5,700 Union County residents under age 65 have no health insurance. Some may be jobless, some may be between jobs, waiting and hoping they will have benefits soon, and some are working but still have no health insurance. They include a wide and possibly surprising range of demographics. Some […]

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Help us be better

We at the New Albany Gazette strive to present information that is useful and readable, to be good community citizens and to help improve the quality of life for our neighbors. We can’t be successful if people are not reading and using what we produce, however. That means that our readers – and, perhaps even […]

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Build a new police department building

We have mentioned the need for repairs and other improvements to several city streets, particularly those that carry heavy retail, school or emergency medical traffic. They need to be addressed by city officials. Unfortunately, they are not the only part of city infrastructure sadly in need of help. In its day, New Albany’s city hall […]

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It’s IRS scam season; stay on the alert

Union Countians are known for taking care of their family and community members. There’s a way you can help others, particularly the elderly, that you may not have thought of. Income tax season is here again and most people will receive their various tax-related forms in the next few days. Many will file their returns […]

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Completing welcome center should be priority

The Tanglefoot Trail has proved more of a benefit to New Albany and Union County than almost anyone imagined. The city’s construction of a trailhead plaza has enhanced that value even more. But’s there’s a problem. Visitors to New Albany and the trail are essentially left to their own devices without any clear source of […]

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Make school superintendents appointive positions

The legislature is once again expected to take up the question of whether school superintendents should be elected or appointed. Past efforts to make the post appointive through legislation have not gotten very far, at least partly because the state superintendents’ association has opposed them. The climate appears to be changing this year, however. In […]

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Hotbed Classic is community treasure

The New Albany Kiwanis Club’s annual Hotbed Classic may be one of the unsung heroes of the community’s increasing tourism and quality of life. It doesn’t get the same sort of publicity as the Tallahatchie RiverFest – but is still widely known, draws participants from several states and, more important, has earned a great deal […]

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Pave way for growth

Residents this week have reported with optimism that Mississippi Department of Transportation crews have been measuring and marking parts of Bankhead Street. The hope is that this work is in preparation for resurfacing and generally rehabilitating the state highway within the city limits of New Albany. Northern District Transportation Commissioner Mike Tagert announced this past […]

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Virginia and Santa

Below the Gazette reprints eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon’s letter to the editor of New York’s Sun newspaper and the newspaper’s response on Sept. 21, 1897: Dear Editor: I am 8 years old. Some of my friends say there is not Santa Claus. Papa says, “If you see it in The Sun, it’s so.” Please tell me […]

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