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New Albany Schools menu for Sept. 16-20

Elementary School Monday, Sept. 16 Pizza,
Cheesy Chicken Over/Rice,
Whole Kernel Corn,
Cheesy Broccoli,
Pineapple Tidbits,
Assorted Fruit Juice,
Vanilla Pudding,
Fat Free Chocolate Milk,
One Percent Milk,
Skim Milk Tuesday, Sept. 17 Chicken Tenders,
Tossed Salad w/Dressings,
Mashed Potatoes,
Whole Wheat Roll,
Chilled Pears,
Assorted Fruit Juice,
Fat Free Chocolate Milk,
One Percent Milk,
Skim Milk Wednesday, Sept. 18 Corn Dog Nuggets,
Sweet Potato Cubes,
Carrot Sticks w/Dip,
Assorted Fruit Juice, Jell-O,
Fat Free Chocolate […]

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New GED test to be released next year

On January 2, 2014, the revamped General Education Development (GED) Test will be will be released. Available only on computer at an official testing site, the test will be much more difficult, as well as more expensive than the current test. In Mississippi the testing fee will approximately double next year. Because of these measures, […]

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NAN-0912-nams readng-3c

Middle School reading contest

New Albany Middle School is participating in the 2013 BE A CHAMPION READING CONTEST sponsored by the Mississippi Association of Educators. Students read books and work to qualify to win a statewide reading contest. Two winning students (one for MSU and one for Ole Miss) will receive free tickets to the Egg Bowl. Students pictured […]

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The Playhouse

“Do you want one big one or five little ones? Katie asked our three-year-old grandson, Major. He shuffled from one foot to the other, then back again. It was a tough decision. “I – I – I want one big one!” he answered with the satisfaction of making the right decision. I was occupied with […]

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Super Couponing Tips with Jill Cataldo

The downsizing spiral By Jill Cataldo CTW Features The topic of package and product “shrink” never seems to get old with my readers! I’ve featured several stories about product sizes being reduced while the price stays the same. My savvy, observant readers have been busy spotting even more smaller-sized items. Dear Jill, This probably won’t […]

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The Magic Ingredient

By Dr. Linda Mitchell Have you ever tasted something so wonderful you just had to get the recipe, and then when you prepared the dish –just as the recipe directed – it didn’t taste quite as special as you remembered? Is your memory at fault or your method? Perhaps it was missing the magic ingredient…you […]

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Prolific sunflower

G. A. Hill of the Pleasant Ridge community has managed to raise some many-flowered sunflowers this year. Possibly the best example is this plant, which is about head-high and contains 13 sunflowers. Hill said he did not know what variety they are; he just had the seeds.

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Sherman news

By Martha Swindle Congratulations to Alderman Wayne Bullock for meeting the qualifications required to graduate as an Advanced Certified Municipal Official. Bullock was recently notified by the Mississippi Municipal League that he will graduate at the next CMO Ceremony during the 2013 Small Town Conference in Tunica, in November. This achievement is commendable in the […]

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Macedonia news

By Lou McQuary On Sunday, Sept. 1, Jed Rucker Long celebrated his fourth birthday at Chuck E Cheese in Tupelo. Friends celebrating with him were Drew Stanton; Lucy and Kylee Anne Jumper; Kinsley and Kelsey Coffey; Garrison Carpenter; Joe Quay, Cole Morris and Luke Willard; John Quitman Brewer; Chloe, Zoey, and Callyn Wright; Ava Grace […]

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Hurricane news

By Susan Hooker Signs of the season in September include the final, feeding frenzies of the hummingbirds as they prepare for their trip to more southern climates. The aptly named hummingbird vines covered with red blooms attract them as well as the feeders with nectar. Once you get the vines established, they become a task […]

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