A first step toward pool

The New Albany Board of Aldermen has taken the first step toward development of a public swimming pool to serve our community.

The board, in its new budget approved last week, authorized $10,000 for a feasibility study for a New Albany pool.
In our mind, the question to be decided in the feasibility study is not whether we need a pool. The need is clear and a pool enjoys overwhelming support in the community.
The issue is whether the community can afford a year-round facility or a seasonal outdoor pool.
We have said many times that a community swimming pool is an expected part of community services, just like parks and sports facilities when families are looking for a place to relocate.
A swimming pool provides a place for recreational swimming, fitness training and rehabilitation and competitive swimming.
We also support making swimming instruction available to all children, preferably as part of the elementary-school curriculum. All of our children should learn to swim.
We applaud the Board of Aldermen and Mayor Tim Kent. By taking this progressive step, the board has gotten us a bit closer to getting our children and our grandchildren a place to learn to swim and our families a wholesome spot for summer recreation.

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