New Albany voters approve sale of wine, spirits

The majority of voters in New Albany voted Tuesday to approve a measure that will allow the sale of wine and spirits within the city limits.


One thousand twelve hundred and seventeen of the city's voters, or 57 percent, approved the measure, while 910 residents, or 43 percent, voted against it.

According to the Union County circuit clerk, 227 absentees were cast, as well as 25 affadavit ballots.  Of the 227 absentees, 147 were cast in favor of sales, while 80 votes went against the measure.  Of the 25 affadavit ballots, 13 were cast in favor of the measure, while five votes were cast against.

Wine and liquor sales will not immediately go into effect.  The city's board of alderman will now have the task of considering conditions regulating sales.

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