“Raining” in my new phone

A big green glob was on the radar screen when I reached over to the nightstand and checked the weather on my phone early Sunday morning.

“We need to get up; I’ve got about 15 minutes to get the dogs walked before it pours,” I said to Jenny, rousing her from a sound sleep.
“OK, OK,” she said, piling out of bed and heading toward the kitchen where our dogs were sleeping in their crates.
I hurriedly pulled on my jeans and a shirt, got the dog leash and hurried our little brown feist, Lizzie, outside. I took Lizzie first because she hates rain and usually tries to pull out of her collar to avoid going outside if she’s going to get wet.
In about five minutes I came back for Sophie, my Boston terrier/mutt, who spent weeks outside wandering in the neighborhood before we took her in. She’s a little less bothered about rain. She did her thing, and then it was Molly’s turn. I hurried down the street with the beagle, almost at a run, hoping to get back in with the last dog before the skies opened up.  When we returned a few minutes later, I was out of breath from all the hurrying.
“We did it,” I said to Jenny, as I headed toward the shower. A half hour later, it still wasn’t raining and Jenny said something about my radar being off. She gave me that look, the “why-did-I-get-up-earlier-than-I-intended” look.
“It’s going to rain any minute,” I said, as I checked the radar on my phone. She looked doubtful as we headed to the kitchen to make breakfast.
Several fried eggs, a rasher of bacon and a couple of pieces of toast later, I had quit checking the weather on my phone. No rain.
A few minutes later, as she started to put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, Jenny told Joe to run the dogs outside because it was about to rain.
I looked up; Jenny wasn’t looking at the radar on her phone. She was staring out the kitchen window at the dark sky. Joe just got the dogs back inside right before the deluge came.
 “You and Joe are obsessed with the weather on your new phones,” she said. “All you really have to do it look out the window.”
It wasn’t a good time to offer a different view, if you know what I mean.
Jenny may be right. Joe and I do check the weather a lot on our new phones, probably just because it’s there right on the screen all the time. I don’t have to search for it.
Growing up the Midwest, I used to worry in the winter about whether it was going to snow. Now it’s the rain.
Maybe it’s because after the Gazette building flooded a couple of years ago, I’m a little nervous any time the forecast is for several days of rain.
I even drove down Bratton Road several times over the weekend, casting a wary eye at the rising river.
It’s a good thing there’s no Tallahatchie River cam app for my new phone.

T. Wayne Mitchell, publisher of the Gazette, can be reached by phone at 662-534-6321 or by e-mail at publisher@newalbanygazette.com.