Union County Call Log, August 24, 2012

Union County Call Log


Aug. 13

Hwy 15 N.: Blue Toyota car all over the road.

CR 107: One vehicle 10-50 rollover

Glade St.: Caller advised she saw the vehicle that hit her car and wants and officer to come to this residence. It was a hit and run that happened this weekend.

Eastwood Properties: Man advised someone punched holes in his tires.

CR 326: Lady needed an accident report. She advised that her landlord busted out her windshield while mowing.

Hwy 178: Caller advised two black dogs were runing and one of the dogs jumped over the overpass.

CR 150: Lady advised that a stray dog came on her property and now has four puppies. She wants the dogs picked up.

Hwy 15/Hwy 30 E.: 10-50 near Stokes Supermarket. No reported injuries.

Hwy 78 E.: Caller advised a truck all over the road.

CR 54: Caller advised subjects are wanting to fight him and they advised they would be waiting on him at the bridge on this road. Caller advised they are 10-55.

Aug. 14

Hwy 15 N.: Tippah Co. advised subject in gray Grand Prix possibly 10-55, and there is an infant with no car seat.

 Glade St.: Caller advised male subject has taken her keys.  

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