Union County Call Log, August 17, 2012

July 28

Hwy 15 N: Truck driver hit a pump, needs a police report.

S St. Hwy 15: Man wants an officer there to do a report because he found a piece of glass in his sandwich.

CR 75: Disturbance at residence but caller doesn’t know the address.

Owen Rd.: Report of car checking mailboxes.  

CR 47: Report of a donkey being out.

Wal-Mart: Report of a two-car accident in parking lot.

Union Hill Rd.: Lady called and said she had some subjects there that aren’t supposed to be there.

Albany Acre: Caller advised someone had keyed her car.

CR 515: Caller advised subject had kicked her door in and beat her up.  Caller advised subject left in a white Tahoe headed toward Hwy 30.

CR 203: Caller advised subject has a knife and a gun and had assaulted her and other subjects in the vehicle.  Caller has advised the subject left in a white Z-71 with a child in the vehicle.

CR 59: Caller advised landlored had cut her water off.

Hwy 15 S.: Maroon NIssan all over the road.

Walls Parking Lot: Caller advised subject on a bike advising he has a gun.

CR 108: One vehicle accident, ran through fence.

July 29

Hwy 348: Caller advised he thinks someone was at backdoor of his house.

Hwy 9 S.: Caller advised his wife was causing a disturbance.

CR 244: Caller advised her step-brother causting a disturbance and assaulted her.

Hwy 178 W.: Burglar Alarm.

Carr’s Express/Hwy 15: Caller needed police department at Carr’s Express.

CR 101: Caller stating large tree in roadway.

CR 478: Caller advised someone threatening granddaughter.

Stokes: Dominos driver advised subjects took pizza without paying.

CR 54: Caller advised she heard someone outside her house.

July 30

Hwy 9 S.:Caller advised he had been fighting with his wife and she left walking.

Nichols Grocery: Someone may be inside store.

CR 142: Caller advised three Sorrell horses out.

Hwy 30 E.: Caller advised someone has vandalized her son’s vehicle and needs and officer to come out to her home.

Church St.: Eggs thrown at house.

Pilot Travel Center: Man inside store walking up to customers pointing at them.  Manager on duty wants an officer to check on him.

Hwy 178 E.: Caller advised that animal control officer needs to come pick up a dog that had been around his property and doing damage to his things.  

W Bankhead St.: Silent panic alarm.

Hwy 30 E.: Caller advised neighbor’s dog bit him.  Sent ambulance to check out and neighbor came and got the dog.

Hwy 15 N.: Chevron Short Stop caller advised subject drove off without paying for gass.

R&B Parking Lot: Caller advised subjects trying to fight.

Rest Haven Room G: Caller advised subjects threatening him with a gun.

CR 252: Caller advised that a dog needed to be picked up.

Bratton Rd.: Caller advised that she knows where subject is that ran off with the gas earlier today.

CR 180: Caller advised two subjects trying to break into their vehicle.

CR 86: Caller advised female subject causing disturbance and will not leave.

July 31

 West Union Grocery: Caller advised there is no light on the store, wants officer to check it out.  

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