Union County Sheriff’s call log for March 25, 2011

March 14
Oak St.: Caller needed to talk to an officer.

Hwy 78 M/M 63 1/2: Downtown Exit-one car 10-50 with no injuries.
Pilot Truck Stop: Mathy Trucking advised their driver has not been seen. She advised he was last known to be at Pilot, where he cashed a check on March 4. He was driving a 2003 Freightliner, white in color.
CR 339: Broadview Alarm Company called in an alarm at this residence, advised it was showing the garage alarm number to alarm company. I called the alarm company and advised them.
Oxford Rd.: Two car 10-50 with no injuries.
Albany Industries: 10-50 with no injuries.
CR 201: Lady thinks she has found some human remains up the road from her house.
ER: Caller advised they have a subject in the ER that has been bitten by a dog.
CR 197: Caller advised blue Lumina all over the road.
Martintown Road: 911 hang up. On call back, no contact.
St. Hwy 78: Out with female walking down the road.
March 15
Hwy 78 E 69 M/M: Caller advised one car 10-50.
Cousars Carlot: Caller advised subject looking in the cars in the parking lot.
First Baptist Church: 10-50 near fellowship center involving 99 Chevy truck, tan in color.
Express Care: Need CT for one of their patients back to his truck.
Baptist Hospital: Lady called and advised that her truck has been broken into.
CR 86: Report of some suspicious activity. Lady thinks people are selling dope.
E. St. Hwy 178: Report of suspicious vehicle, blue station wagon type car.
Hwy 348: Caller advised car pulled in the driveway and is just sitting there.
March 16
CR 32: Report of prowler at their residence. Advised they think subject is under the house.
Sally’s: 2005 Ford, gray in color, has two children in the car with no adults.
CR 252: Advised someone called and advised subject was taking things out of his trailer.
W. St. Hwy 178: Someone broke into house while he was gone.
Furniture Row Expy: Needs officer to come out to take a report on a stolen truck.
CR 87: Caller reported suspicious vehicle on neighbor’s property.
South Central: Caller advised that there has been damage to property in her yard and she requested an officer come out.
CR 94: Has court order to get property.
Monticello St.: Wants a report on vandalism.
Shady Dell Park: Heard someone scream in kudzu at Shady Dell Park.
March 17
Hwy 78 E M/M 69: Caller advised two subjects sitting on side of the road.
CR 165: Burglar alarm, family room window.
Hwy 348: Lee County called and advised a female subject had called them and she seemed rather confused. Lee County asked that we conduct a welfare check on these subjects.
CR 120: Subjects fighting.
E. St. Hwy 178: Has a stolen vehicle on their yard.
Starlyn Ave.: Hold up alarm.
Sportsplex: Lady advised she was behind a reckless driver that had almost ran her off the road.
South CP: Caller advised a white Ford Taurus was driving fast up and down the street.
CR 165: Door in guest hall- security Tupelo.
Union Hill Rd.: Caller advised kids playing ball in roadway.
Hwy 9 N.: Caller wanting to talk to officer about getting his belongings from his father’s house.
Wesson Tate Dr.: Caller advised subject’s car broke down and can not understand him.
CR 54: Man advised had a bicycle stolen by a boy that lives at this residence. Spoke with parents who advised him to have an officer come by and talk with him.
CR 355: 911 hang up. On call back, busy.
Carlisle St.: Caller advised she received calls from a subject and wants officer to come check around her house.
W. Bankhead St.: caller advised red car driving at a high rate of speed.
West Bankhead: Gate open at the carlot by Windham Body Shop.
Ridgeland Circle: Male subject causing a disturbance.
CR 238: Caller advised disturbance between girlfriend and boyfriend. Caller advised boyfriend had taken the girlfriend’s car.
Moss Hill Dr.: Caller advised subject tried to break in her house. Needs to speak with an officer.
Ridgeland Circle: Caller advised subject had come back to house.
Hwy 15 S.: Silver car driving reckless.

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