County teams win district titles

County teams picked up division titles at the New Albany Sportsplex over the weekend and they now look ahead to the state championships on November 6.
Myrtle, West Union and East Union swept their division races, winning on both the boys and girls sides. Savanna Shirley and Mallory Newby were the top finishers for West Union, as the Lady Eagles placed seven in the top 10 with 16 total points. Ingomar finished in second place with 47 points and Dana Bramlitt finishing sixth overall.
Hunter Jennings and Luke Swain were the top finishers for the Eagles, with Jennings finishing first with a time of 19:13. Ingomar’s Casey Rorie finished third overall, and the Falcons finished 16 points behind West Union in the team standings.
Myrtle took the top three spots in their boys division run with Bryan Cook finishing first overall with a time of 17:50, followed by Justin Pickens and Heriah Dodson. Darius King finished fifth overall for the Hawks, who finished 19 points ahead of Potts Camp.
The Lady Haws, led by Halle Knowles, had a 20 point advantage over Potts Camp in their run. Samantha Shettles, Genisha Howell and Rachel Peeler also placed in the top 10.
In the 2A run, Katie Rowan, Heather Dillard and Hannah Courtney were the top three finishers for the Lady Urchins, as East Union won the team title, placing five in the top 10. The Lady Urchins combined for 18 points, followed by New Site with 43.
Eight of the top 10 finishers on the boys side were from East Union, led by Jose Valle, as the Urchins topped their division with 16 points, while Hickory Flat had two runners in the top 10, Johnny Warren and Ryan Skelley. The Rebels finished with 47 points in second place.
The state championships will be held at Choctaw Trails on Saturday, November 6.

Top 10 results for each division:

Division 2-1A Girls

1. Halle Knowles (Myrtle) 16:19

2. Samantha Shettles (Myrtle) 17:10

3. Shauney Haney (Potts Camp) 18:27

4. Kourtney Coleman (H.W. Byers) 18:37

5. Clara Sanders (TCPS) 18:48

6. Geniesha Howell (Myrtle) 18:55

7. Rachel Peeler (Myrtle) 19:00

8. Tenesha Woods (Potts Camp) 19:22

9. Dana Jeffreis (Potts Camp) 19:30

10. Cassidy Blaylock (TCPS) 19:32

Division 2-1A Boys

1. Bryan Cook (Myrtle) 17:50

2. Justin Pickens (Myrtle) 18: 37

3. Heriah Dodson (Myrtle) 18:42

4. Kris Roberts (Potts Camp) 19:17

5. Darius King (Myrtle) 19:38

6. Matt Swinford (Potts Camp) 19:47

7. Devin Holmes (Potts Camp) 19:56

8. Zack Pitts (TCPS) 20:02

9. Kevin Gray (TCPS) 20:07.02

10. Kevin McCully (TCPS) 20:07.33

Division 1-1A Girls

1. Savannah Shirley (West Union) 16:58

2. Mallory Newby (West Union) 17:48

3. Emalee Yielding (Tremont) 17:52

4. Destiny Windham (West Union) 18:52

5. Marley Long (West Union) 18:54

6. Dana Bramilitt (Ingomar) 19:07

7. Samantha Bridges (West Union) 19:34

8. Allie Newby (West Union) 20:29

9. Callie Baggett (West Union) 20:59

10. Abbey Robbins (Ingomar) 21:00

Division 1-1A Boys

1. Hunter Jennings (West Union) 19:13

2. Luke Swain (West Union) 20:06

3. Casey Rorie (Ingomar) 20:20

4. Chase Rushing (Tremont) 20:36

5. Ethan Taylor (Ingomar) 20:52

6. Blake Carruth (West Union) 21:07

7. Bradley Turner (West Union) 21:17

8. Austin Harrington (West Union) 21:20

9. Jonathon Sweat (Ingomar) 21:30

10. Zack Brock (West Union) 21:56

Division 1-2A Girls

1. Katie Rowan (East Union) 17:08

2. Heather Dillard (East Union) 17:51

3. Hannah Courtney (East Union) 18:06

4. Nikki Taylor (New Site) 18:27

5. Hayley Snyder (East Union) 18:30

6. Christy Clark (New Site) 18:32

7. Denira Shauver (East Union) 18:36

8. Krystal Jackson (New Site) 18:42

9. Beth Skelley (East Union) 18:51

10. Sabrina Halloway (Mantachie) 19:16

Division 1-2A Boys

1. Jose Valle (East Union) 18:07

2. Cody Dillard (East Union) 18:59

3. Drew Bruce (East Union) 19:07

4. Cody Poe (East Union) 19:15

5. Johnny Warren (Hickory Flat) 19:30

6. Jonathon Valle (East Union) 20:08

7. Brett Rakestraw (East Union) 20:21

8. Joey Pace (East Union) 20:40

9. Ryan Skelley (East Union) 20:44

10. Anthony Tucker (Hickory Flat) 21:24

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