Red Cross changes criticized

 Dear Editor:

Mark J. Smith, the interim director of the American Red Cross for the sate of Mississippi in Jackson, stated in a letter to the editor on Oct. 15: “We were disappointed by your misleading editorial of Sept. 22, which does a disservice to your readers that the American Red Cross has ceased operations in New Albany.”

Use your own judgment with the following information:
1. All mail to the Union County Red Cross location in New Albany is automatically sent to the Red Cross Chapter in Tupelo.
2. All calls to the number for the for the Union County Red Cross location, 534-5023, are automatically sent to the Red Cross Chapter in Tupelo where you will get a recording of the several numbers you can call. Try it and see!
3. Go by the Union County Red Cross location in New Albany and ring the door bell at any time of the day during the week and see who answers the door.
4. In essence, the Red Cross building in New Albany is just a location for the Red Cross Chapter in Tupelo.
5. All of the previous volunteers for the former Union County Red Cross Chapter (now a location) have either resigned or are no longer active in the American Red Cross.
6. The former board members and Chapter officers were told they were no longer needed since the “Chapter” no longer existed because of the reorganization of the Mississippi American Red Cross.

Bill Towner
New Albany
(Towner is a past director, board member and volunteer for the Red Cross in Union County for more than 25 years.)

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