Window Display Winner

The New Albany Main Street Association sponsored the “Main Street Window Display” contest from September 1 – 21.   

Congratulations to “Merle Norman,” the winner of the 2010 Main Street Window Display Contest.  

The participating stores that took part in this event were: Bankhead Flowers & Fine Gifts, Bankhead Gallery, Barbara Tyre, Bead Shack, Merle Norman, Mimi’s,  Moda Designs by Emily Roberts, Runway Boutique, Something Special, Southern Traditions, Sugaree’s Bakery, T. Sappington & Co., The Seamstress, Two Doors Down, and Union County Feed & Seed.

The winner will receive one free year of membership to the New Albany Main Street Association, a cake of choice from Sugaree’s Bakery, and fresh flowers from a florist of choice in New Albany. 

 “Thank you to the public for coming in to vote for your favorite window display,” said Vickie Duke, New Albany Main Street Manager.  

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