2009 All-Union County Basketball Team


East Union- Stephanie Dillard

West Union- Claire Wilkerson and Kimberly Jumper

Myrtle- Aspriona Gilbert and Amber Williamson

New Albany- Kebrina Lucas, Jazmine Spears and Micha Washington

Ingomar- Maggie Cobb and Kayla Stevens

Honorable Mention- Amy McCullough (EU), April Rollins (WU) and Diana Suarez (Myrtle)

Coach of the Year- John Stroud- New Albany


East Union- Gareth Pannell and Matthew Carter

West Union- Wesley Jumper

Myrtle- Jimel Judon, David Wilson, Justin Jordan and Beau Cummings

Ingomar- Matt Purvis and Zach Carnell

New Albany- Kareem Brown and Adrian Gamble

Honorable Mention- Ethan Roaton (EU) and Malcolm Spears (New Albany)

Coach of the Year- Jonathan Ashley- Myrtle

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