New Albany Garden Club

The New Albany Garden Club (NAGC) met February 12, 2009 in the home of Beth Prater with 25 members, one associate member, and two guests present. President Betty Campbell called the meeting to order. She thanked Mrs. Prater and co-hostesses Mrs. Bethany Dalton and Mrs. J.J. Harris. She also expressed appreciation to Mrs. Lynn Madden for the lovely Valentine arrangement.

Mrs. Myra Langley presented a thoughtful devotional on heart health based on Proverbs 3:5.

Mrs. Glenda Conlee introduced Mr. Bob Mercier Landscape Designer and Architect. Mr. Mercier presented slides of beautiful property designs. He told the members that everything on the property is planned to be cohesive. A master plan gives direction but does mean that all the work is done at one time. Mr. Mercier uses water features, fireplaces, stonework and planters in his outdoor spaces. He will also use existing features on the property. After this informative program, Mrs. Campbell presented him with a gift of appreciation.

Mrs. Sherra Owen introduced Mr. Tim Burress who told members of the upcoming Master Gardeners Program. This will be an educational opportunity to become a Master Gardener. He also invited members to the Home and Garden Show to be March 21st. Mr. Felder Rushing will be the featured speaker. It is free to the public and there will be vendors present and plants for sale.

Secretary Anita Buster marked the roll and read the minutes of the previous meeting. They were approved as read.

Mrs. Buster presented the name of Mrs. Retta Hardy who was elected as a new member of NAGC. Mrs. Buster made the motion that Angie Barmer be elected honorary member. Mrs. Bethany Dalton made the second and the motion carried.

Conservation-Earth Day: Mrs. Beth Prater will be chairman of the Earth Day event.

Civic Improvement: Chairman Carolyn Houston thanked all the members who brought food for the Luncheon with Books meeting. There was 100% participation for our membership.

Mrs. Bethany Dalton reported that 3,000 daffodils were planted in the community for the daffodil project.

Young Gardeners: Chairman Tameri Dunnam announced plans for Mississippi Arbor Day. There will be posters, written stories and the reading of stories. The Girl Scout Troop presented the program at 9 a.m. on February 13th at New Albany Elementary School. A Yaupon Holly Tree was planted.

Garden Therapy: Chairman Rheta Ann West reported that Mrs. Lynn Madden and Mrs. Melanie Shannon assisted special needs students at New Albany Middle School with the February project. They made the Wilson people by planting grass in stockings and painting the faces on them. A Valentine treat was also given to the students.

Faulkner Garden: Chairman Sherra Owen showed the members a copy of the 2009 Mississippi Tour Guide where the Faulkner Garden was featured as the first item. The March sign-up sheet for work in the garden was passed.

Mrs. Betty Campbell appointed Mrs. Grace Provence, Mrs. Gwyn Pennebaker, Mrs. Susan Feather and Mrs. Joy Fisher to the nominating committee.

Mrs. Sara Rogers invited members to McComb, Miss. to the Mississippi State Garden Club Convention April 21-23, 2009.

Mrs. Lynn Madden asked members to check out for beautiful pictures of birds. Members were encouraged to participate in the “Great Backyard Bird Count.”

The meeting was adjourned with Mrs. Campbell reminding members of the The March 12th meeting is to be held at the home of Mrs. Grace Provence.

Those members in attendance were: Angie Barmer, Anita Buster, Betty Campbell, Glenda Conlee, Bethany Dalton, Tameri Dunnam, Linda Everett, Laura Fennell, Joy Fisher, Betsey Hamilton, Dottie Haynie, Carolyn Houston, Myra Langley, Robin Lindsey, Lynn Madden, Sherra Owen, Gwyn Pennebaker, Beth Prater, Grace Provence, Sara Rogers, Melanie Shannon, Elizabeth Skinner, Mary Webb and Rheta Ann West, associate member Kathy Carter and guests Bob Mercier and Tim Burress.


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