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Time comes and time goes, can’t stand still.  Sorta comparable with the weather conditions.  Cold comes in goes out and warm conditions moved in.  As it was a very pleasant day Sunday with the warmer temperature and it was better than the preceding shivering days with the cold winds blowing so strongly made it more comfortable to stay in the house out of the cold with the heat going at a pretty high speed.

It was a good day to be in church with the church family instead of just seeing it on TV  which is better than not seeing any church activities at all.  Our visiting minister, Rev. John Case, who is filling in for the regular pastor, Bro. Kyle, brought a good message in his sermon on “Faith”  but some good any way either of the ways.  If one can’t be in the home church.  Little 9 year old Morgan Bishop who is a music student in school played an opening song on the piano.  Maybe when she grows up hopefully she will be a good pianist for the church.  So it is about the song director, we are so glad to see Carlton Wallace following in his daddy’s footsteps, Loyt  Wallace.  He was director for many years before his death.

Curtis and Laverne Burchfield made it back to their church at Bethel for the 11 o’clock service  They didn’t try to make it for the Sunday School hour.  They are doing some better now maybe they will have a better year physically than last year.

Glad to have Lauren Brewer and her mother, Joy coming to our church for the 11 o’clock service.  Lauren and Morgan are good friends at school.

Tommy did not have to work on his job Saturday so he had a grilled supper.  He was not too tired from work to do that.  They had some guests too, Bill and Janie Bishop.  They all enjoyed the meal together.

James Warren Hudson and wife, Merle from Jackson came back home in New Albany during the weekend.  When they started back home came by my house and stayed a while.  I was so glad they did that.  I sure did enjoy their company.  I hadn’t seen them in a good while.  They said it was their birthday visit since they did not come on my birthday.

Shelby, Tom and granddaughter, Morgan went to New Albany and saw the presentation of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” Friday night and enjoyed it very much.  They realized how much work was involved in presenting the play.  They ate at Taylor’s Place before going to the play.

The UMW will be Feb. 18th at 7 PM at Salem.  The men are invited.  Bro. Kyle will be speaking about his experience in the Air Force Chaplain Program.

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