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Well, another new month for this new year has crept in on the calendar and what it holds weather wise remains to be seen yet.  It came in like a lamb-beautiful and fair at the beginning.  Then quickly in the afternoon clouds began rolling in and there may be some more falling weather to move in and more turning up the heat in the house for comfort.  Whatever comes, there is not a thing humans can do about these conditions.  Only take whatever comes our way and count the blessings as they come our way.

There was about the usual crowd out at Salem for church service at the 11 o’clock hour with the visiting fill ins for our pastor who brought the message.  There was no night service at either of the churches on the charge.  Maybe all will be back on schedule pretty soon.  This gives the church goers a chance to visit another service with members there if they desire to do so and will not interrupt the service at home by being absent and fellowship with other for a night service.

There are quite a few who will celebrate birthdays from the church family in the month ofFebruary.

 So, happy birthday to Presley Lindsey 2-1, Debbie Morris 2-3, Faith Ann Douglas 2-3,  Bro Kyle 2-10, James R. Jumper 2-12, Shelby Bishop Hare 2-16, Richard Lawrence 2-16, and Isabelle Morgan Brown 2-28.  There are only two anniversaries and they are Richard and Alta Faye Lawrence 2-28 and Bobby and Nita Morris 2-29.  Hope they all will have a good day.  It appears that Bobby and Nita have not been married too many years since theirs is on the 29th.

I talked to my nephew Ronnie Steele, Saturday night from Christian Rest, a neighboring church,  He reported feeling better with his back trouble after the treatment.  Hope it continues to improve and he can go on with his work as he had suffered quite a bit.  Curtis and Laverne has been back to their doctor for an appointment and she got a good report about one of her problems and that made her feel better about that.

One of Morgan’s good friends, Lauren Brewer came home with her from church Sunday and they had a good time playing and going to a birthday party in the afternoon.

I guess the quietness of the house of Winford and Elaine Hudson was broken during the weekend.  Their son, Blake and family from Virginia with their children came and visited with them.  They all had a good time at Papa Hudson’s.  Their visit was sorta short because their business called them back with the long trip back home.

Little Presley Lindsey was honored with a birthday party at her grandmother, Tammy’s Sunday afternoon.  Everybody enjoyed chips, dip, sandwiches, cookies, drinks, cake and ice cream.  Presley had a good time opening gifts and playing with everything.

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