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I missed church again Sunday so I had to depend on Malcolm for most of my news.

Margaret Murphree is having knee surgery.

Brother Landreth’s sister-in-law is not doing well.  He asked for prayer.

Katherine Grose had two stints put in her heart. She is doing pretty good.

Pat Moody went through her surgery to repair her heart monitor fine. She is home and feels and sounds so much better.  I hadn’t realized how weak her voice had gotten because it was such a gradual thing. Becky Hancock and Pam McClatchy went with her and Becky spent the night.  I couldn’t go. But she is better now!

Tupelo Furniture Market is in progress so Melissa Long and Shirley Shirley were busy this week-end.  Maybe others I don’t know about because they need a lot of help.

If I wrote of Kathy Robertson’s shower last week, I have no record of it, but then I felt so bad when I wrote.  But Kathy had a bridal shower at Macedonia Baptist Church on Sunday afternoon, January 18.  It was a very nice shower.  She didn’t get much of her China. Belk ran out and had none in stock!  But she got many nice linens, lots of cooking accessories, silverware, and just pretty things women enjoy.

The ladies had a beautiful table laden with all king of goodies, those you could eat and those I could just look at, punch to sip on, another table with coffee and cups, etc.  Pat, Jane, Betty and several nieces were present. All the honorary bridesmaids sat at a round table, ladies Kathy  had worked with and real close friends.  Just a very nice shower to remind Kathy we still love her!!

I had fallen earlier and bruised some ribs, but then I fell again on the 19th.  I hit the back of my head on the edge of the kitchen table, then landed sitting in the floor; results very sore head and crippled bottom!  I can hardly get up and down. Malcolm had gone to town, I couldn’t get up so I just lady down and went to sleep! Malcolm believes I knocked myself out. Anyway I went to the doctor and had everything x-rayed. Nothing was broken so I am on the road to getting well. The good Lord does look after us!

Belinda Davis is sick.  That rash she picked up when she stayed with me in the hospital flared up again, only worse.  She went to the doctor Friday and got a shot and some medicine.

Nancy Rhea spent he weekend in Water Valley.  Her family was having a Birthday Party for her brother-in-law.  She came home Sunday night.

Larry Holbrook spent the weekend with Gary Rhea.  He is the son of Wanda Holbrook of Holly Springs.  His son, Nathan Holbrook, graduated from West Union and is attending Mississippi State.  Gary and Larry’s friendship goes back a long way to when we lived in Holly Springs as neighbors.

Twanda Black came to see us Friday. She couldn’t stay long, was busy, she is always busy, but she always takes time to visit.

Hailey and James Michael came by for awhile on Wednesday night.  They couldn’t stay long because she had to go to work that night.

Oh, about the shower, Malcolm took me to the shower and then Martha Owen brought me home. It is so nice to have good friends.

I didn’t go to Church Sunday but Malcolm did.

Brother Louie is preaching a series on prayer.  Sunday was “The Features of Prayer” based on Matthew 9:5-13,. It was a very good sermon I’m sure. I am sure the singing was good as usual.

Church services will be as usual Sunday, February 1.

The WOMI meeting will be Monday, February 2 at 6:30 P.M. in Marie Wilson’s home.

There will be a Business Meeting at 7:00 P.M. Sunday, February 8.

Johnny Garrison was Deacon of the week.

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