Donie P. Rakestraw

Donie P. Rakestraw will celebrate her 100th birthday on February 14, 2009. She is the daughter of Melinda and Zack Pickens. Rakestarw was born February 14, 1909, still lives at home by herself and enjoys crocheting and cooking Sunday dinner. She has outlived all 10 of her brothers and sisters, her two children and husband. Friends and family will attend the birthday celebration.

Pictured from left to right, bottom row: Susan Rakestraw, Zoee Rakestraw, Claden Rakestraw, Donie Rakestraw, Reese Ruth, and Nick Rakestraw. From left to right, back row: Jason Ruth, Christy R. Pitts, Sunni Rakestraw, Starla R. Ruth, Skyla Rakestraw and Kylee Sue. Not pictured are Bobbie, Tim, Wally, Joyce, and Amber Rakestraw. 

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